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Leverage Machine Learning and AI to Forecast Your Sales Integrated with SAP

In most of the companies sales forecasting is usually done by “tried and true” methods of spreadsheets and “gut-feels” despite market has very tough competition in sales activities, which are very important. According to the report of the Ernst and Young, Companies, which estimates inaccurately and account for more than %10 of the market share are losing their market share and money.We are able to think about forecasting like flagship of companies. Accurate forecasting significantly improves predicting deals helping your Sales Team as a tool.
S4FN offers a full range of solution, which can be integrated into your SAP environment to find accurate forecasting for your next sales. We provide with a professional consultancy during this process and develop it according to your marketing strategies and conditions.

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Italy FatturaPA E-Invoicing Add-On is Ready

SAP add-on for new regulation of Italy E-Invoicing is ready to connect your SAP ERP w/o any cloud integration.
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UK HMRC VAT Submission for SAP

Making Tax Digital for your SAP ERP without hassle, without update or upgrade and without any third party integration. Request your quote and demo from


Cloud Integrated Portal Solution

With S4FN Cloud Integration every supplier will be ready to send their invoices to Tax Agencies Hungary NAV, Italy Agenzia delle Entrate ,Spain AEAT. Our solution, guarantees the adoption and ensures the sending and receiving invoices are in your system.

5 Simple Steps To Go Live

1- Develop CSV file format

2- Test your development via manual uploads

3- Send your test invoices to GOV.

4- Choose your integration method

5- Go live when you are ready

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S4FN - Enhances SAP for electronic regulations.

Real-Time e-Invoicing Management Solutions for SAP

We have add-on solutions for SAP to support e-Invoicing regulations and standards. Our solutions doesn't imply any cloud integration.

Our e-invoicing add-ons provides a systematic end-to-end solution standardized user experience for partners. Add-ons are solution for Real-Time Information Sharing Systems to provide a secure and compatible platform with e-invoicing regulations & standards. Our solutions doesn't require any SAP customization, upgrade or note implementation. All data is kept in SAP. All transactions are accessible inside SAP.

Last of our SAP add-on for new regulation of Hungary Real Time Invoicing is ready to connect your SAP ERP w/o and cloud integration

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Accounting Transaction Report Management Solutions for SAP

The business environment growing globally with this growth, it’s important for organizations to remain on the pulse of different reporting standards and regulations in each county they operate in S4FN SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) add-on solutions is a single way that has a consistent approach for all SAF-T countries (Norway, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, France, italy etc) and is updated for any upcoming country requirements.

SAF-T Solutions manage all phases of creating report inside SAP that is compatible with OECD standards. Poland has developed JPK for theirs SAF-T requirements Norway and Lithuania have accepted standard SAF-T nearly as it is and France has a different format known as A47A-I-VII-1

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e-Invoicing for Turkey

The Turkish Revenue Administration(TRA) has introduced the Electronic Record Keeping Obligations in 2010 since 1 January 2015 certain Turkish taxpayers from petroleum and tobacco products Market) are obligated to create and keeping their record in on of the certain formats xls, UBL, txt and CSV.

The application of the requirement related to sales, purchase, inventory, import, export, Production and other records. The Turkish Tax Authorities can request the files with the records İn the certain format in case of the audit.

There are currently 75.000 users registered in e-invoicing, that have issued approximately 340 million invoices during the last year. This number is expected to increase in the future as companies reach the threshold(10 million TL) or decide to register voluntarily.

Companies must be a e-invoicing service providers to serve in Turkey. S4FN has developed e-invoicing add-on a special Integrator for Turkey

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S4FN Add-Ons Enhancing SAP


SAP SII Add-On is developed for Spain AEAT regulations that runs inside of SAP environment. S4FN provides a systematic end to end solution and standardized user experience for partners in Spain.

Add-on doesn’t need any extra third-part component. SAP SII add-on can directly connect SAP to AEAT online system but, For security reasons we recommend to use S4FN connector (S4C). It can be replaced at DMZ and creates an extra layer.

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Our custom developed SAF-T add-on for each country such as (Norway,Lithuania,France,Poland etc.) and you can manage all of them inside your SAP.

It enables companies to extract, validate, analyze the data and then submit the SAF-T report on time in their formal XML representation. It gives you the confidence of the data integrity and consistency of your reports.

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S4FN SAP e-Reconciliation

Reconciliation is an accounting process that uses two sets of records to ensure figures are correct and in agreement. It confirms whether the money leaving an account matches the amount that’s been spent, ensuring the two are balanced at the end of the recording period. The purpose of reconciliation is to provide consistency and accuracy in financial accounts.

Taxpayers are obliged to submit for form Ba and form Bs reporting their monthly puchases and sales.

Form Ba; purchases over 5000₺ from one taxpayer.

Form Bs; sales over 5000₺ to one taxpayer.

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E2E Hungary Add-On for SAP ERP

Hungary new e-Invoice regulation requires live reporting of invoices to Tax Agency. S4FN add-on manages this task without any third component.

  • Doesn't require any cloud integration,
  • PI integration just requires a simple proxy class ,
  • Integrable with any integration service,
  • Keeps data private, no other third party interfere with your data,
  • Doesn't require any SAP update or note implementation,
  • Whole XML is ready and accessible on SAP ERP,
  • Implementation is just filling add-on customizations,
  • It has own namespace doesn't effect existing objects.

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