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We are providing add-ons to make your SAP system legally compliant with the electronic regulations. We support both SAP ERP (ECC, SAP R/3) and S/4Hana.


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Romania SAF-T

Romania has introduced SAF-T as mandatory by the 1st of January 2022.

Grace period is until end of April 2022, but it is better start now as SAF-T has complex requirements.

S4FN offers an add-on to hasten the implementation. You can check out our related posts about Romania SAF-T and SAP add-on from the Recent Updates section for more detailed information.

HUNGARY SAP Add-On For Real Time Invoice Registration

Version 3.0 will be mandatory by the 1st of July 2021.

Create and send invoices to Hungary Tax Authority (NTCA) in SAP without need any other tool with the legal XML format.

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UK MTD SAP Add-On to Make Tax Digital

Mandatory phase postponed to the 1st of April 2021 because of Covid-19

Connect your SAP to HMRC and submit your VAT record with built-in OAuth 2.0 authentication inside SAP.

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Italy E-Invoice

Version 2.0 will be mandatory by the 1st of January 2021.

Manage FatturaPa invoices directly in Italy without any third party integration.

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Poland Whitelist Checker Add-On in SAP

Validate bank information of your partners from the MoF database

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VIES VAT number validation in SAP

VIES is an electronic service setup by EU Commision to allow validation of VAT numbers of companies in the European Union for cross border transactions of goods or services.

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Submit your VAT books to SII system with the legal XML format.

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Built in connector

S4FN creates add-ons for SAP which don’t force you to use cloud integrations or third party integrations

Designed to implement easily

Add-Ons with some basic settings are ready to run. No-update or note implementation is required.

Developed in own namespace

All objects are in S4FN’s own namespace /s4fn. S4FN objects don’t interfere with SAP objects.

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