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Poland JPK monthly reporting

Starting from July 1, 2016 Poland introduced a new reporting obligation called Standard Audit File for Tax (Jednolity Plik Kontrolny“JPK”). It is made mandatory for all taxpayers by 1 January 2018.

Create all files in SAP without any need of external tool or cloud service

Poland JPK SAP Add-On Architecture


You don’t have to use any cloud service. S4FN provides end-to-end solution to connect your SAP system and submit reports to Ministerstwo Finansow.


No upgrade or update is required. All required objects are shared via single transport. All objects are in S4FN namespace.

Current legislation includes below file types to be sent:

  1. JPK_KR – Księgi Rachunkowe (Accounting books)
  2. JPK_WB – Wyciągi bankowe (Bank statements)
  3. JPK_MAG – Magazyn (Warehouse/Storage)
  4. JPK_VAT – Ewidencje zakupu i sprzedaży VAT (VAT evidence)
  5. JPK_FA – Faktury VAT (VAT invoices)
  6. JPK_PKPIR – Podatkowa księga przychodów i rozchodów (Revenue and expense tax books)
  7. JPK_EWP – Ewidencja przychodów (Revenues registry)

JPK files must be submitted by the 25 of the months following the reporting period.

SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) is a standard for electronic exchange of accounting data to tax authorities or external auditors. The standard is defined by the OECD. The file requirements are expressed using XML, but the OECD does not impose any particular file format, leaving it to tax agencies to develop their own implementation of SAF-T.

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