What is SAF-T

The SAF-T report is an OECD-recommended electronic accounting file to use for tax audit. This standard is now mandatory in France, Poland, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Portugal, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Germany and Austria.

Tax administrations continue to force for better accounts transparency, for this reason they are creating a paltform conforming with SAF-T. The OECD’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs (CFA) approved a standard for tax compliance reporting and released the guidance notes. This standard helps to auditors to compate the accounting data free from the country standards.

Each country can create its own SAF-T reporting methods which fits country-specific particular tax needs. Some countries, such as Portugal, use the complete SAF-T report while others, such as France, Norway, Lithuania use only a sub-set of the data required by SAF-T. Poland uses totaly a customized version of SAF-T reporting with additional information.

SAF-T is a reporting standard from the OECD, but each country still can generate its own strcuture.

S4fn sap Solution for SAF-T

S4FN provides a solution specific to each country integrated with SAP.

You don’t have to use any cloud service.

No upgrade or update is required. All required objects are shared via single transport. All objects are in S4FN namespace.

SAF-T via Excel Sheets

S4FN provides an online web portal to build your SAF-T reporting via excel sheets. You only need to fill excels sheets with your data then uploading excel sheets to portal you can create your SAF-T report. You can do arrangements on the report by editing data, adding data or deleting data online.

Some SAF-T Implementations By Country

Hungary VAT Reporting – Real Time Invoice Reporting
Hungary has implemented a sales invoice reporting system. Our Hungary SAP solution can handle XML generation and transmission of the files built-in without the need of any third-party tool.

Norway SAF-T Financial
Norway SAF-T has been accepted for Jan 2020. The regulation requires accounting data submitted to Altinn system on demand. Our integrated Norway SAF-T solution provides and handy way of managing the reports. The implementation doesn’t require any change in the current configuration of the system. All customizations are done in Add-On’s settings.

Lithuania SAF-T
Our integrated Lithuania SAF-T solution provides and handy way of managing the reports.

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