Be compliant for June 2024 mandatory e-invoicing with S4FN KSeF Add-On. Just because it is digital and required, you don’t have to send your data to a third party, and you can use S4FN;

Poland E-Invoicing KSeF in SAP

Retain control of your data. No interim service ,no costs are associated with data interchange.

S4FN KSeF add-on generates the XML structure in the source in SAP, freeing you of any privacy concerns. Using direct usage of KSeF API keeps your data closed between only parties’ regulation mandates. Submissions of invoices are made automatically, and no manual work is needed. Data interchange is secured over SSL, and the integrity of the XML is ensured with the digital signature. Receipts and logs are stored in SAP, easily accessible ALV-based transaction. No invoice-sending limit is imposed, and no ongoing data interchange is charged.

How Add-On Solution Works

The add-on solution works in SAP in its layer without the risk of overwriting any custom Z* or SAP object. A JOB program runs periodically and collects posted SD and FI billings. Billings are mapped to XML format with the help of configurations on the S4FN layer. Invoices converted to XML submitted to KSeF API. In return response is saved in the S4FN layer.  All these steps can be followed from ALV based S4FN E-Invoicing Cockpit.

Keep All the Knowledge in SAP

Another advantage of generating XML in SAP is that it stores the knowledge. As SAP is the central part of all enterprise-related information implementing a system in SAP keeps the knowledge in SAP, and you always know what is reported to the tax agency and what actually sent to the customer. You always have a chance to edit mapping on your own with custom S4FN exits. With your own internal resource, you can always modify what is reported.

AP Invoices - Kofax, OpenText integrations

S4FN Add-On automatically downloads AP invoices and make them viewable in SAP in S4FN e-Invoicing Cockpit. To book AP invoices Kofax , OpenText or any other required integrations can be implemented in custom S4FN exit whenever a new vendor invoice received. 

Alternative Solution

S4FN provides another solution based on RFC connection. By utilizing RFC connectivity in SAP S4FN can read data from SAP tables generate XML and submit to KSeF. Optionally with a small package reports of submissions and responses can be viewed in SAP. 

KSeF Regulation

The National System of e-invoices (KSeF – Krajowego Systemu e-Faktur) enables the issuing and sharing of XML-structured invoices. In the initial period, structured invoices will function in business transactions as one of the accepted forms of documenting transactions, in addition to the paper invoices and electronic invoices currently used in business transactions.


  • From October to December 2021, a pilot is conducted with the participation of taxpayers.
  • From January 1, 2022, the National System of e-invoices will be presented as a voluntary solution. From then on, invoices can be issued under KSeF.
  • It shall apply from 1 July 2024 until 31 December 2026.
  • You can follow the update information from KSeF’s own official page

According to the latest European Directive, it shall apply from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2026.

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