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Turkey e-Invoice SAP Solution: Connect your SAP to GIB and submit your invoices in UBL XML format directly from SAP.

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Turkey B2B e-Invoicing

On the 5th of March 2010, an e-invoice became determined by the data formats and standards of the Revenue Administration (GIB). The e-invoice is not a new type of document, it has the same legal characteristics as a paper invoice. The purpose of the e-invoice application managed by the Revenue Administration is to create a secure, time and cost-saving system between the seller and the buyer in a single format and standard. For this purpose, overseas applications were examined, successful e-invoice processes were taken into consideration, and UBL-TR, an international standard with labelling to cover all processes of XML-based business life, was adopted by the Revenue Administration.

Turkey B2C E-Invoicing

The e-Archive Application, which came into force with the General Declaration on Tax Procedures Law no. 433, is an application that covers the generation, preservation, presentation and reporting of the invoice following the standards determined by the Revenue Administration.

Taxpayers wishing to benefit from the e-Archive Application must first be registered on the e-invoice system.

Taxpayers who have received permission to create and maintain their invoices electronically within the scope of the Electronic Invoice Registration System (EFKS) are obliged to apply to the e-Archive Application at a date to be notified by the Presidency not later than 1/4/2015.

The taxpayers who sell goods and services over the internet and whose gross revenue in their 2014 income statement amounts to TL 5 million and above are obliged to proceed to the e-Archive Application by 1/1/2016 at the latest.

How can S4FN help?

S4FN is the registered provider in Turkey to provide e-Invoicing and e-Archive services.

S4FN provides an integrated SAP solution and a Web interface to submit and receive e-invoices. The solution is compatible with SAP ECC and S/4HANA.

For SAP users web interface is an optional component. SAP users can manage their full e-Invoicing tasks via the SAP interface.

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