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Act now, mandatory Romania SAF-T legislation deadline set to 01-01-2022

S4FN SAF-T add-on is extended to meet Romania SAF-T in SAP.

Romania SAF-T has been made mandatory in 2022 for taxpayers. From 2022 onward, Romania will implement SAF-T as a mandatory reporting mechanism.

Taxpayers should ensure that their ERP is prepared for SAF-T reporting in terms of ensuring
the existence of the mandatory elements to be reported in the format requested by the tax authority,
as well as incorporating missing data if required.

For more detailed content about the legislation please check the below post.

Are You Ready for Romania SAF-T? Known as D406→

To view the technical documents published by ANAF, please refer to the post Romania SAF-T.

Extended to cover Romania SAF-T in SAP

S4FN can help to extend SAPfor the mandatory Romania SAF-T reporting in SAP with to use of layered add-on on top of your SAP system.

You can utilize the add-on in SAP to generate the SAF-T report with OECD format accepted by Romania. The add-on can be taiolred according to your system requirements with its own configuration tables and exit functions.

XML Generated in SAP

SAF-T XML generation is being done in SAP directly and there are no external services used at this stage. As a result, this ensures the security of your data, as SAF-T contains sensitive financial information about your company.

Implementation of Romania SAF-T in SAP

The project implementation process began by importing external transports into a client’s system, then it continued with add-on configurations. SAP’s settings will not be altered, and you will not be required to install any notes.

The SAP-registered name space has been used to ensure that object overrides are avoided during the implementation phase.

In order to help ensure the quality of the product, the package includes a one-year warranty.

A support package is provided which covers all the new changes that are made to the SAF-T specification as well as the solving of any problems you may encounter.

Compatible with ECC and S/4HANA

The SAFT add-on is currently available for both ECC and S/4HANA systems.

Get in touch to ask about implementation, pricing and any other questions.

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