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According to Decree No.119/2018/ND-CP, the use of e-invoices in Vietnam was accepted from September 1st, 2018.

In 2018, Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance announced the implementation of mandatory e-Invoicing. Furthermore, a circular providing detailed instructions on electronic invoice format, issuance, reporting, and storage was released in 2019.  The mandating date was November 1, 2020. Nevertheless, this decision was annulled in October by a new e-Invoice law which modified the date to July 2022. Presently, there is a grace period in which businesses are allowed to use paper invoices. However, most of the Vietnamese companies have already started exchanging invoices electronically because of the government incentives. 

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How can you issue electronic invoices in Vietnam?

Currently, if opted for e-Invoicing, companies with ERP systems are required to extract and transmit invoice data in XML format to the T-VAN (value-added-network) providers which are local state-financed companies appointed by the government for invoice check and controls. T-VANs act as an intermediary between taxpayers: They approve and create the final e-Invoice before being transmitted to the buyer.

How can we help?

To integrate invoices in SAP, we have developed an add-on ready to run with Bkav and FPT T-VANs APIs. T-VANs are intermediary service providers granted by the government to process e-invoices between sellers and buyers.

Our solution is developed to create invoices in electronic format automatically with data extracted from SAP.

We provide an end-to-end solution which comprises data mapping and processing, and transmission of e-Invoices to T-VAN providers.


With custom S4FN tables, the add-ons are customized for your needs. The add-on reads data from the SAP modules and then submits via APIs of the selected VAN ( Value added network ). Currently, we have built-in support for Bkav and FPT but any other provider can be used.

Drop us an email to get further information and/or a quote.

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