SAP Document and Reporting Compliance


SAP has established the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance framework, known as SAP DRC, to ensure global compliance with local electronic regulations.

To achieve this level of compliance, SAP employs three key components:

  1. SAP eDocument Framework: This component manages data extraction and handling within the SAP source.
  2. SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF): AIF facilitates the mapping of activities to XML and transfers data to the cloud.
  3. SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI): CPI serves as the conduit for communication with external services.

While this comprehensive set of components offers an end-to-end solution capable of addressing both existing and forthcoming legal requirements, please note that AIF and CPI are optional.

By customizing certain Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) within the SAP eDocument Framework, direct connectivity can be established with tax authorities. For specific cases, external components may be necessary for digital signing procedures.

Another notable challenge is that while SAP DRC provides standard mapping of fields, optional data may require custom mapping.

How S4FN Can Help

S4FN stands ready to provide a comprehensive SAP DRC implementation that precisely caters to your compliance needs.

E-Document Full Solution: Our first avenue offers a complete end-to-end integration, meticulously utilizing SAP components. This streamlined approach ensures a robust implementation that impeccably aligns with your compliance objectives.

Below example shows a scenario with external service provider;

Illustration of Endto-ENd SAP DCR Solution

E-Document Basic Solution: Alternatively, S4FN crafts a custom solution centered around the essential SAP eDocument Framework. This tailored approach forms a solid foundation, tailored to accommodate your unique compliance requirements.

In scenarios where SAP DCR is not supported within a specific country, we have the capability to integrate various invoicing solutions seamlessly utilizing the SAP eDocument Framework.

Below is the same scenario without AIF and CPI by using S4FN customizations;

Unlocking SAP DCR with Tailored S4FN Solution

In the first scenario, S4FN seamlessly orchestrates the SAP DRC integration, harnessing the full spectrum of SAP components. This dynamic orchestration guarantees a thorough implementation, meticulously aligned with your compliance mandates.

Conversely, S4FN’s proficiency shines in custom solutions, leveraging the imperative SAP eDocument Framework as the cornerstone. This bespoke strategy elegantly encapsulates the vital aspects of your compliance essentials.

What’s more, our skilled team adeptly fine-tunes the eDocument within the custom solution, granting you the privilege of optional field mapping. This nuanced customization crafts a tailored solution, ensuring an exact fit and precise alignment of data mapping.

In essence, S4FN is synonymous with versatility and expertise, whether your preference leans towards full SAP component integration or a bespoke approach rooted in the SAP eDocument Framework. Our unwavering objective is to present you with a seamless, compliant solution that impeccably addresses your unique compliance journey.

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