Solutions To Extend SAP Effectively

S4FN E-Invoicing Solutions provides integrated easy to implement SAP solutions for SAF-T and E-Invoicing, with no need to change any configurations in SAP.

Our solutions are ready to run and don’t require any cloud connectivity or transaction fees.

All our objects have their own namespace /s4fn so they do not interfere with SAP objects and custom Z objects.

We support direct connectivity to tax agencies with built-in connectors.

Connectivity generally requires a simple RFC definition from the SAP configuration perspective.

HUNGARY SAP Add-On For Real-Time Invoice Registration

Create and send invoices to the Hungary Tax Authority (NTCA) from SAP in the legal XML format without needing any other tool.

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UK MTD SAP Add-On to Make Tax Digital

Connect your SAP to HMRC and submit your VAT record with built-in OAuth 2.0 authentication inside SAP.

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Poland Whitelist Checker Add-On in SAP

Validate the bank information of your partners on the MoF database

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NORWAY SAF-T Financial SAP Add-On

SAP Solution for Norway SAF-T Financial which leads the creation of the legal XML enabling you to manage the auditing process on SAP in a flexible way.

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Create SAF-T reports in JPK XML format in SAP

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Turkey e-Invoice SAP Solution for B2B and B2C

Connect your SAP to GIB and submit your invoices in UBL XML format directly in SAP.

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VIES VAT number validation in SAP

VIES is an electronic service set up by the EU Commission to allow validation of VAT numbers for companies in the European Union with cross-border transactions of goods or services.

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Submit your VAT books to the SII system with the legal XML format.

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