Poland Taxpayer's Whitelist Checker Add-On in SAP

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Validate your partners informations from the MoF database via API or Flat File

S4FN Poland Whitelist Checker Add-On

S4FN Poland Whitelist Checker is an add-on to the SAP, which enables users to verify the vendor/customer data in the databases of The Ministry of Finance directly in the SAP system.

The solution is based on the integration with external API and Flat File provided by MoF.

This faciliates the work of SAP users who can verify the vendor/customer data directly in the SAP system against MoF records.

This verification can be automated by jobs and user exits.

Add-On provides verification of below data;

  • Status in the VAT taxpayer register
  • NIP (Taxpayer Identification Number)
  • Bank account numbers

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Poland Taxpayer’s Whitelist;

From September 2019, the so-called white list of VAT in Poland has applied. It contains information on VAT registration, de-registration and status of the Polish VAT payer, as well as bank account numbers of entrepreneurs in Poland. Money transfer to an account other than the one indicated on the Polish VAT white list may be subject to critical consequences for companies in Poland.

Starting from 1 January 2020 taxpayers who make transactions the single value of which exceeds PLN 15,000 or the equivalent amount, regardless of the number of payments, will be obliged to make payments to the payee’s bank account shown on the whitelist.

What data will be available?

The whitelist will include VAT-registered taxpayers, including those whose registration has been restored, those removed from the register or which have been refused registration. The list will include a great deal of details about enterprises:

  • business name or name and surname
  • tax identification number NIP,
  • statistical number REGON,
  • Polish personal identification number PESEL (if available)
  • National Court Register number (if any)
  • address of the registered office or fixed establishment or correspondence address
  • details of individuals – members of the body authorised to represent the entity
  • date of registration, refusal of registration or removal and restoration of registration for VAT
  • legal basis for the registration, refusal of registration or removal from the list of VAT-registered taxpayers
  • numbers of checking accounts specified in the registration or updated registration form

How can S4FN help with Poland’s Whitelist

S4FN provides a solution in SAP compatible with SAP ECC and S/4HANA which compares your contractors data with MoF database without any third party application.

It can be fully automated via JOBS and user exits. S4FN proposal includes both built-in functionlities and custom user exit implementaions.

Or you can choose to implement your own user exits integrating with S4FN function modules.

S4FN Poland Whitelist checker


1- S4FN SAP Poland Whitelist checker installed by a single transport order without any setting in SAP.

2- Connectivity is accomplished with an RFC definition.

3- As API of the MoF is served on https SSL certificate should be installed on SAP.

4- To enable automated verification some user exits have to be maintained.

How to Use

1- Manual check of Vendor/Customer data via custom S4FN checker transaction and cockpit. Manual check logs can be viewed at any time from the cockpit. In cockpit user can view NIP, Legal Title, Regon, KRS, PESEL, Bank Accounts, Representatives, Partners, Accounting Clerks, Status of Taxpayer

2- Automation via jobs and system transactions. S4FN Check API can be integrated into system transactions to create alerts via a simple function call for example, issuing orders for suppliers, posting invoices from suppliers, receiving orders from customers, or invoicing customers. It requires editing appropriate exit functions of the modules

Enable Mass-Data Verification

By periodically downloading Flat File provided by MoF mass-data verification can be done by a job running in SAP.

Every day at 00:01 one flat file will be available, presenting the current data that also supplies the List of VAT payers in the WWW and API versions.

As API version is restirected to 10 calls a day per IP address by MoF it only allows 300 NIP be checked in a day. If your contracter’s list above the 300 you should use Flat File Mass Verification.

S4FN Poland Whitelist checker allows you to both use API and Flat File versions.

What will be available at the day S4FN Poland Whitelist Checker Installed

1- Automatic check of contracters verification by a job will be avaiable

2- The cockpit which holds verification results

3- Manual checking programs

4- Function modules to integrate with user exits

Further Automation

Further automation of contracter’s verification requires master data check during creation and change of vendor/customer, during automatic payment processing and open items checking. S4FN provides implementation services for these automations also and for in any required transaction.

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