Serbia B2B E-Invoicing Efactura


By the 1st of January 2023, businesses will be able to start sending and receiving electronic invoices in Serbia

Serbia B2B E-Invoicing Efactura

You can access all the related information regarding Efactura from the official website at eFactura (

By enabling the API, you can automate invoice registration. As a technical format, UBL is chosen.

Serbia B2B E-Invoicing Efactura

How can S4FN help?

By using our e-invoicing add-on you can automate the sending and receiving of electronic invoices in Serbia directly via SAP without needing any third-party tool. All e-Invoicing processes can be managed inside SAP.

As S4FN objects are stored in their own custom namespace namely /S4FN, your existing objects in SAP remain untouched by this add-on import.

If you would rather not use an add-on and don’t want to change SAP you can use our data extractor tool with a reading user. By using RFC, invoice data can be mapped to XML and sent to the tax agency without changing SAP.

Please drop an email to to have more details or visit our contact page.

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