Romania E-Factura ( RO E-Factura )


The “E-factura – mandatory electronic invoicing system” project   was started in March 2020 by the Ministry of Finance and the National Fiscal Administration Agency, in order to streamline the collection of taxes and fees, mainly aiming at improving and strengthening the level of VAT collection and preventing/combating tax evasion.

All invoices are sent centrally to tax agency servers via published REST API or through government portal. After XML is conisdered valid invoice after it is validated and signed by the tax agency.

To be able to sent to elctgronic invoice the other party must be registerd in e-Invoicing system as well.

How can S4FN help?

Via our custom SAP add-on we can convert your sales invoices to UBL and submit to the government servers.

S4FN add-on archives the valid e-Invoice XML back in SAP after it is signed by the tax agency. You can view the PDF version of the invoice via our invoice cockpit.

Vendor invoices are downloaded from tax agency and can be viewed in the S4FN invoice cockpit in SAP.

Sending and receiving invoices process can be made automatic or users can submit manually.

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