FatturaPA Italy Faq for Sap Add On



FatturaPA Italy FAQ For SAP Add-on from S4FN

Do you cover Inbound invoices(MM)/AP just like you cover Outbound invoices (SD) to the SDI.The Italian Government require all companies resident and Registered for VAT to send and receive invoices via the SDI.Do you cover the receipt of invoices from SDI as well?
Yes, we also cover inbound invoices. We cover all messaging between SAP and SdI for both incoming and outgoing invoices. We get messages ( receipts ) into SAP, so you can follow all the traffic. You will able to follow all invoices and messages (incoming/outgoing) from a monitoring program.

Do you have an information for the Italy government system technical requirement like protocols and communications they support in terms of the middleware requirements?

Please check it from the below link. We will use SDICoop Service to handle communication between middleware and SdI system. http://www.fatturapa.gov.it/export/fatturazione/en/normativa/f-3.htm

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