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The Tax Agency introduces a new VAT management system based on Immediate Supply of Information (SII).

  • Taxpayers subject to the SII (and those choosing to adopt it voluntarily) must send details of their billing records within four days via online filing on the Tax Agency website. However, during the first six-monthly period in which the system is in place, taxpayers may avail of an extraordinary eight-day extension in the immediate supply of information period (both terms exclude Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).
  • They can file and pay their periodical VAT self-assessments ten days later than usual.
  • They will no longer be required to file forms 347 (third-party transactions), 340 (record books) and 390 (annual VAT summary).
  • Taxpayers can contrast the information in their Record Books with the information supplied by their clients and suppliers, provided these are included in the system,


Data Flow


S4FN SAP Solution Properties

End to End On-Premise Solution,

Our add-on completely run inside SAP

Well known protocols RFC/HTTP 

XML creation occurs inside,

Edit final SOAP message in emergency cases,

Update existing data or Insert external data via CSV upload,

Integrate with an integration service like PI or BizTalk

Standard SAP Authorization

All Developments under a package

You can use our custom connector for outbound tasks.

Globally registered namespace /S4FN/

Own customization tables,

Own transaction codes and menus

Installation just required importing transport files

All transactions accessed via custom menu activated with S4FN SII solution

Custom authorization objects according to SAP standards enable authorization management.

S4FN has its own namespace globally registered.

S4FN SII Solution runs on SAP ECC, compatible with regulations covers extraction of data and creation of XML structure, sending xml to Tax Agency


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Custom SAP Add-On Solution for SII

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