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Create your SAF-T report with the legal XML format.

Lithuania SAF-T SAP Solution

  • All operations are done in SAP and works as an add-on to SAP ECC
  • The solution can handle large volume of data.
  • The standard authorization of SAP is used
  • The solution works on all SAP ECC and Hana versions
  • SAP registered name space /S4FN is used to avoid interfere other objects in your system
  • The implementation is done by importing external transport order into client ERP system
  • Implementation can be done client with the documentation provided
  • Annual support is available which covers all new changes in the regulations and also user tickets
  • Provides reporting tools for the purpose of reconciliation
  • Generate report for specific sections of the file for an easy reconciliation process
  • Integrated PDF generation is possible for a viewable form of i.SAF-T files
  • Manage all i.SAF-T and i.SAF files from the dedicated cockpit


  • Data extraction and file generation can be done in the background like for many SAP programs
  • Data extraction can be done day by day so eliminating performance issues
  • File splitting is possible by periods, by data type


S4FN provides full implementation of the solution which includes customizing own settings, file generation tests, file content check against the data in SAP developing required additional features according to your system’s custom configurations, training and UAT tests.

Maintannce Services

If you face any problems durign generation of i.SAF-T or i.SAF files, S4FN supports you to handle the errors. If any regulation change occurs S4FN adapts news changes and share the new transport order. In case of a custom need we can place a user exit for you to do own changes.


S4FN applies a one-time license fee and you are right to change or update the program codes if you wish. If you wish you can do your own implementaion with the provided documentaion.


Smart Tax Administration System (i.MAS) goal is to reduce the administrative burden on taxpayers, increase accounting for the taxpayer income, tax collection and performance of tax administration by installing electronic services and by shifting the tax payers’ transactions data collection, processing, management and delivery to electronic space.

Connect your SAP without any third party tool in between SAP and VMI.

Currently i.MAS system is comprised of:

General part: all i.MAS overall functionality (messages, contact information, i.MAS representations management, settings for web services);


i.SAF – electronic invoicing subsystem.

i.VAZ – electronic way-bill subsystem.

i.SAF-T – accounting transaction subsystem.

(The certificates must be used to send invoices, send VAT invoice files, and provide data from different information systems or application software tools. This certificate can only be got by i.MAS-compliant software systems to transfer invoice and/or VAT invoice data to web services.)

i.SAF: electronic invoicing subsystem

“i.SAF” means i.MAS electronic invoicing subsystem for reporting of register data and provision of e-services. All taxable persons registered for VAT - on a monthly basis by the 20th day of the following month. Currently i.SAF subsystem can perform the following steps:

Create register of tax period;

Directly enter to the portal prescribed/received VAT invoices and payment/settlement (optional) data in the registers; Upload a data file (XML format) with prescribed/received VAT invoices and/or payment/settlement data for a particular tax period; View, fill, export registry data to your computer; Upload a file and submit VAT invoice registry data using web services; Manage e.bill service settings; Natural person- bill, receive and view e.VAT invoices; Legal person- receive and view e.VAT invoices; Create e-transport document with e-bill basis.

i.VAZ - System of electronic shipping documents operating in real-time “i.VAZ” means transport/consignment document XML data Supporting documents for domestic movement of goods by road.

Generally, i.VAZ requires the following conditions:

Shipment is by road transport Goods are loaded in Lithuania Consignor and consignee perform commercial activities (B2B) Commercial relations for shipping consignment

i.SAF-T - is a subsystem for accumulating and managing standardized accounting data for work with SAF-T files to ensure faster and more efficient processing and more accurate assessment of accounting transactions and transactions recorded in the accounting system.


No upgrade or update is required. All required objects are shared via single transport. All objects are in S4FN namespace.

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