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SIIM is a SAP  add-on which makes it easy to manage transfer of invoices to AEAT system. It will be mandatory to send invoices to AEAT system by July the first of 2017. For companies using SAP an add-on without updating system  is a big advantage to complete implementation on time.


In the event of legal requirements there is always a time pressure. Implementing a solution on time can be cumbersome in a    SAP  environment. Due to the an on-time solution is needed, implementing a SAP solution increases the costs.

Added Value with On-premise Add-On Solution

S4FN SIIM offers the following benefits:

  • Process of sending invoices can be done without any integration service. Add-On utilizes HTTP protocol to communicate with outer world, so a simple RFC HTTP connection is enough to integrate invoices to AEAT system. Using HTTP protocol leverages integrate add-on with other integration service. By generating all valid XML transformation inside SAP add-on doesn’t need any external system. So implementation effort on communication highly lowered.


A standard interface reduces the time and effort required to integrate the SAP invoices to AEAT.

  • Management of invoices are done centrally in one cockpit which is called SIIM. Users can do many task via this cockpit, view human readable HTML format, view XML format more technical, seeing reports of outgoing and incoming requests as xml format, seeing the status of the documents,  sending the documents, editing documents, uploading external invoices and many other.


Managing the invoices in a centralized manner increases transparency and reduces the risk of incorrect or missing invoices.

  • S4FN SIIM add-on doesn’t need any update on system or note implementation, highly lowering the implementation efforts.

Add-On checks the xml files generated before sending to AEAT to decrease the outgoing traffic generated by wrong XML structures.

Purchasing S4FN SIIM Add-On gives a ready to use solution to integrate invoices to AEAT on-time with lowest possible efforts.

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Custom SAP Add-On Solution for SII

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