Norwegian SAF-T SAP Solution


S4FN Provides the solution for Norwegian SAF-T inside SAP. Create the SAF-T report with the legal XML format.

What is Standard Audit File-Tax (SAF-T)?

SAF-T is a standard format for the exchange of accounting data. The standard is the result of a joint development collaboration between the business communicty, the accounting sector and the Norwegian Tax Administration, based on a recommendation by the OECD. The standard specifies what accounting data is to be exchanged, and also the structure of the data.


The SAF-T Financial is limited to the general ledger, the accounts payable and receivable transactions including all applicable master data.


It is not a requirement that SAF-T reporting must be an integrated part of the existing system solutions. It is possible to prepare reports on SAF-T-format with your own tools.

From 2020, the requirement is to provide financial information in the SAF-T-format applies upon request by the Tax Authorities. The Company is compliant if it is able to produce financial information in SAF-T format within reasonable time after being requested to do so by the Tax Authorities.




You can create the SAF-T report without any manual intervention


You manage the files in secure environement of SAP


It frees you the need to use external constancy


S4FN provides humand readble format of SAF-T reports to validate them before sharing


If you have more than one entity manaul management of them out of SAP can be problematic. It would be very managable if you use a centralized solution instead.


S4FN solution is an on-premise solution you don’t need any external cloud system to depend on


Implementing a SAP project can need too much care and effort. With S4FN we minimized the effort by providing an add-on which is focused on generating and validating the SAF-T reports.
Norwegian SAF-T SAP Solution Architecture
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