Leverage AI to Forecast Your Sales Integrated with your SAP ERP

How Do We Start ?

We are gathering your good and representative quality historical sales data from your database. Segment products/product groups and identify where to focus our attention. Then analyzing and cleansing your data to find out which products are stable and predictable
In the companies the criteria for calculating the forecast cannot always transfer the sales, supply chain and category management departments to each other and therefore errors occurs in the forecast results. We will set a weekly and monthly meetings with you, and we will gather both the necessary and correct information from your departments, as well as the new customer, new market, new campaign and other factors that will affect your forecast results. By adding this information to the Forecasting Tool, we are going to increase the accuracy of your results.

We are adjusting and correcting your forecast data according to input and KPIs, for instance forecast accuracy (FCA) , forecast bias (FB) and customer service level(CSL). Agree on a final forecast to be shared to the stakeholders and on which all decisions should be based. Discuss the “root cause” of major changes or errors in the forecast and make sure to sustainable develop and improve the process.

In the final, after all these process we communicate the agreed forecast data with your requested format to related stakeholders.
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