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SAF-T, SII Spain
S4FN SIIM – Sending invoices to AEAT with S4FN on-premise SAP® addon

SIIM is an SAP  add-on which makes it easy to manage transfer of invoices to AEAT system. It will be mandatory to send invoices to AEAT system by July the first of 2017. For companies using SAP, an add-on without updating system  is a big advantage to complete implementation on time.  

In the case of legal requirements, there is always time pressure. Implementing a solution on time can be cumbersome in an SAP environment. 

Added Value with On-premise Add-On Solution

S4FN SIIM offers the following benefits:

Process of sending invoices can be done without any integration service. Add-On utilizes HTTP protocol to communicate with outer world, so a simple RFC HTTP connection is enough to integrate invoices to AEAT system. Using HTTP protocol leverages integrate add-on with other integration service. Since generating all valid XML transformation happens, inside SAP, add-on doesn’t need any external system. So implementation effort on communication is much lower.


A standard interface reduces the time and effort required to integrate the SAP invoices to AEAT.

Management of invoices are done centrally in one cockpit which is called SIIM. Users can do many task via this cockpit, view human readable HTML format, view XML format more technical, seeing reports of outgoing and incoming requests as xml format, seeing the status of the documents,  sending the documents, editing documents, uploading external invoices and many other.

Managing the invoices in a centralized manner increases transparency and reduces the risk of incorrect or missing invoices.

  • S4FN SIIM add-on doesn’t need any update on system or note implementation, highly lowering the implementation efforts.

  • Add-On checks the xml files generated before sending to AEAT to decrease the outgoing traffic generated by wrong XML structures.

  • Purchasing S4FN SIIM Add-On gives a ready to use solution to integrate invoices to AEAT on-time with lowest possible effort.

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SAF-T, SII Spain

 Since you are offering the SAP add-on solution, why we need an “S4FN Server”? What function does it play?   S4FN server and S4C connectors are optional if you demand to use an extra service we can provide it. It is an extra security layer. Some companies don’t want to give an access to SAP directly. S4C provides a simple solution for this kind of scenarios.

Does your solution include Authentication/Digital Signature process?   AEAT services need a client-side SSL authentication. For this reason, you have to install a valid SSL certificate in your SAP system. That is the only requirement for our add-on to be able to call SOAP service directly inside SAP. If it is hard to implement on your side or it will cause some extra issue on your side, you can use our S4C connector. Additionally, if you have PI or something like a mediator service you can also use them.

The implementation of your solution only takes 2~3 weeks. Does it include the data mapping, system configuration, and all system connection setup?   Our add-on can be installed by importing transport files and has some own customizations.Our add-on generates all customization mappings and generates necessary XML representations according to extracted data from standard SAP tables and customizations. Due to some companies firewall or transport mechanism, it could take longer time. This is the most time consumption for us. Apart from those, our add-on can be installed in 1-2 weeks.

Beside to buy your SAP add on, do we need to buy anything else to send file to Spain tax authorization?   You need a valid certificate. While you are sending your files you should use authorized SSL certificate. This certificate can be installed to SAP ERP. If you can install this digital certificate on your system, you don’t need anything extra or if you request we can help for it. Another option is you can use your existing PI or PI capable system to use this certificate or you can use our S4C Connector for this purpose.​

Do we have to buy SAP cloud platform, Integration service, to send the file to Spain tax authorization?   ​No. Tax agency mandates to use an authorized digital certificate while sending files. You can get a valid certificate from companies authorized by AEAT. Normally you should send your document in 4 business days to AEAT but this period will only be extended when the invoices have been issued by the recipient or by an accredited third-party,​ ​i​n these cases, the deadline will be 8 calendar days.

What is the function for your cloud solution in SaaS Model?   You don’t have to use our SaaS services, it is an optional choice. If you don’t have on-premise server capabilities you can use our services and  with our SaaS model we can provide an archiving solution or if you have an archiving mechanism we can adapt. Currently, you can use our XSD validation and archiving solutions. In SII Data transferred as XML representation to AEAT system. Before sending files to AEAT we do an XSD Validation. XSD Validation checks the XML against semantic issues so it guarantees that file semantically is valid. To be able to validate this XML we do an XSD check. Fact that SAP ERP is not capable of doing XSD check,  we have to that task outside of SAP. For XSD validation we use S4FN Connector. If you can implement an XSD validation logic on BizTalk,  you don’t have to use any extra component.

Do we have to buy your cloud solution if we buy your SAP add on?   No you don’t it is an another optional choice. Choosing a cloud-platform to send your files means you use a third-party to send your files. It extends sending deadline to 8 days which AEAT already documented that.

We use Biztalk. Can we use Biztalk to send file to and receive file from AEAT directly?   Our add-on uses HTTP calls to send files, a BizTalk mapping has to be implemented to send files to AEAT system. BizTalk can be placed in-between to systems AEAT and add-on for transferring.To be able to send files AEAT only requirement is to have a valid digital SSL certificate, you can get it from the authorized parties.

SAP notes mention that if we want to use SAP solution for SII, we need to buy SAP add on and SAP Cloud Platform, Integration Service, which charge monthly fee.  Do we have to buy the SAP cloud service?   Choosing a cloud-platform to send your files means you use a third-party to send your files. It extends sending deadline to 8 days which AEAT already documented that. You don’t have to buy SAP cloud to service for our own implementation.

Where is data saved regarding your SAP add on?  Is it saved on your server?   All files kept inside SAP, in /S4FN/ prefixed custom tables.

If we buy S4FN SAP add on, do it need any configuration?   Our own technical consultant and project managers are going to do all configurations.

If you do the configuration, will you leave us your configuration document?   Yes. You will get all technical documentations.

If we buy your SAP add on and use your S4FN Connector instead of build the XSD validation, do you charge us extra money?  Is S4FN connector a part of add on package?   It is a free component, we don’t charge any extra money. It is the part of the on-premise solution.

What is the whole test procedure (from extracting information from SAP >sending to AEAT> receiving confirmation from AEAT) for  using your S4FN connector or building a XSD validation in Biztalk?  Will your implementation team do this testing?      Yes, we do the full cycle test.

Do we have to apply any SAP OSS notes, so our SAP system can talk with your Add on smoothly without any issue?   No. No need to any upgrade. If in any case an object not in your system, we change it and move with a external transport in our namespace without affecting your system.

You mentioned that all your information are stored in custom table.  Where does the custom table sit: in our server or your server?  What is the landscaping to use your add on?   All data and program codes placed in your SAP server.   All our developments made on the version SAP EEP 6.0 EHP7. If you choose to use connector component, it requires 2GB RAM 2 Core CPU 100GB Storage Machine with Linux or Windows OS.

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SAP SII Add-on  Solution Architecture

    The Tax Agency introduces a new VAT management system based on Immediate Supply of Information (SII).
  • Taxpayers subject to the SII (and those choosing to adopt it voluntarily) must send details of their billing records within four days via online filing on the Tax Agency website. However, during the first six-monthly period in which the system is in place, taxpayers may avail of an extraordinary eight-day extension in the immediate supply of information period (both terms exclude Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).
  • They can file and pay their periodical VAT self-assessments ten days later than usual.
  • They will no longer be required to file forms 347 (third-party transactions), 340 (record books) and 390 (annual VAT summary).
  • Taxpayers can contrast the information in their Record Books with the information supplied by their clients and suppliers, provided these are included in the system,

Data Flow


S4FN SAP Solution Properties

End to End On-Premise Solution, Our add-on completely run inside SAP Well known protocols RFC/HTTP  XML creation occurs inside, Edit final SOAP message in emergency cases, Update existing data or Insert external data via CSV upload, Integrate with an integration service like PI or BizTalk Standard SAP Authorization All Developments under a package You can use our custom connector for outbound tasks. Globally registered namespace /S4FN/ Own customization tables, Own transaction codes and menus Installation just required importing transport files All transactions accessed via custom menu activated with S4FN SII solution Custom authorization objects according to SAP standards enable authorization management. S4FN has its own namespace globally registered. S4FN SII Solution runs on SAP ECC, compatible with regulations covers extraction of data and creation of XML structure, sending xml to Tax Agency