Hungary Online Account System ( RTIR )

The Online Account System

From 1 July 2018, it is obligatory to provide data on invoices for transactions between domestic taxpayers with VAT of at least 100 thousand HUF.


The data on the data of the invoices issued and the documents with a single invoice shall be submitted electronically from 1 July 2018, shortly after the exhibition. When billing with a billing program, the billing information is transmitted immediately from the billing program to the NAV without human intervention, via public internet, immediately after the invoice has been made.

In principle, the disclosure obligation covers invoices for transactions between domestic taxpayers in which they have a VAT of 100,000 HUF or more.

Our SAP Solution

  • No additional middleware, hardware, or software is needed,
  • Doesn’t require any cloud integration,
  • PI integration just requires a simple proxy class,
  • Integrable with any integration service,
  • Keeps data private, no other third party interfere with your data,
  • Doesn’t require any SAP update or note implementation,
  • Whole XML is ready and accessible on SAP ERP,
  • Implementation required just filling add-on customizations,
  • It has own namespace doesn’t effect existing objects.


Implementation Steps

Add-on customizations

  • FI Document Type Mappings
  • SD Document Type Mappings


Connectivity Settings

  • Technical User Customization
  • Integration Service Settings if you have

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