Hungary Online Account System

The Online Account System

From 1 July 2018, it is obligatory to provide data on invoices for transactions between domestic taxpayers with VAT of at least 100 thousand HUF.

The data on the data of the invoices issued and the documents with a single invoice shall be submitted electronically from 1 July 2018, shortly after the exhibition. When billing with a billing program, the billing information is transmitted immediately from the billing program to the NAV without human intervention, via public internet, immediately after the invoice has been made.

For billing using a bill, such as a billing balloon, that is, manual billing, your account details must be recorded on a web interface. The reporting must be completed within 5 calendar days. This deadline is shortened when the bill contains a passphrase of HUF 500,000 or more. The details of the invoice containing the VAT amount of 500,000 HUF or more must be recorded on the web site after the day the bill is issued.

In principle, the disclosure obligation covers invoices for transactions between domestic taxpayers in which they have a VAT of 100,000 HUF or more.

The introduction of online data provision and the establishment of a data management system are aimed at further bleaching the economy by reducing tax evasion. This is complemented by the free online billing feature of NAV. With the development, large volumes of account traffic become visible and trackable to NAV, so it can be more effective for risk management and can increase revenue abruptly.

In the Online Account System

  • real-time data from NAVs will be sent from the invoiced accounts,
  • invoices issued can be inquired by account holders and account issuers,
  • large amounts of accounts are quickly available for effective risk analysis and control, which helps to detect tax evasion,
  • By automating data delivery, administrative burdens are reduced in billing program users,
  • the new system triggers the aggregated data service of bill issuers,

The solution is based on a complex IT system group that is capable

  • to receive, check and verify the sending of invoice data sent by the taxpayer via a system-system connection, the electronic standard message,
  • web interface to support the manual recording of account data,
  • with immediate access to account data to track economic activities and processes.

The Online Account helps NAV’s audit work, makes financial processes more transparent and broadens the scope of taxpayers.

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