Hungary Online Account System – FAQ

1-) What invoices must be reported?

    Only issued invoices will be reported if taxpayers VAT exceeding 100,00 HUF.

2-) How do I adapt the invoice data exported from my ERP to the required XML schema?

     S4FN connector(s) will transform related data which extracted from ERP system and send it to NAV with required format.

 3-) What do I need to connect to the NAV?

The taxpayer must register in the NAV and create a Technical User for their IT provider in this way connection with the Hungarian tax authority can be   established.

4-) What happens if the NAV platform is unavailable due to breakdown, maintenance or to failure of the internet service?

   Companies will be report sales invoices in scope for the real time invoice reporting without delay, but within at least 24 hours to the system. In case

   of any failure after the system operate again taxpayer will have extra 24 hours to re-send files.

5-) What information do the XML messages contain?

  1. The date of issue;
  2. A sequential number, which uniquely identifies the invoice;
  3. Supplier´s name, address and VAT number
  4. Customer’s name, address and VAT number
  5. The description and quantity of the goods supplied as well as the description, extent and nature of the services supplied if it can be expressed in some unit of measurement;
  6. The date of the chargeable event and the date of advance payments, if they differ from the date of issue of the invoice;
  7. The taxable amount, the unit price of goods and services not subject to VAT and any discounts or refund, if they are not included in the unit price;
  8. The VAT rate applied;
  9. The VAT amount payable;
  10. In case you are reporting supplies of goods exempt or zero-rated, the reference to the applicable provision of law, or any other reference indicating that the supply of goods is (i) exempt or (ii) subject to the reverse charge mechanism, if applicable;
  11. identify the characteristics pursuant to the Hungarian VAT Act for on the supply of a new means of transport;
  12. Indicate that the particular provisions have been applied in connection to the activities of tour operators pursuant to the Hungarian VAT Act;
  13. Indicate that the particular provisions have been applied in connection with the supply of second-hand goods, works of art, collectors’ items and antiques;
  14. Legal representative´s name, address and VAT number, he is liable to pay VAT.

6-)Is a digital signature required to sign the XML file?

     No, digital signature(dungle) is not required

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