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S4FN - Enhances SAP for electronic regulations.

Real-Time e-Invoicing Management Solutions for SAP

We develop add-on software for SAP to support e-Invoicing regulations and standards.

S4FN SII SAP add-on is the solution for Immediate Information Sharing System for Spain.
Suministro Inmediato de Información ( SII ) is a new bookkeeping system for VAT on the AEAT online system.

The main new feature of electronic VAT bookkeeping is that the tax will now a to the Tax Agency (AEAT) in almost real-time.

By providing a SAP solution for SII we enabled to manage all SII actions within SAP environment.

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Accounting Transaction Report Management Solutions for SAP

SAF-T is an electronic format for the efficient transfer of accounting data from companies to tax authorities.

S4FN has developed SAF-T solutions for generating reports for government regulations.

SAF-T stands for Standard Audit File for Tax.

Poland has developed JPK for their SAF-T requirements. Norway and Lithuania have accepted standard SAF-T nearly fully.

France has a different format known as a47a-i-vii-1.

Hungary has developed SAF ( Standard Accounting File ).

S4FN has SAF-T add-on solution for the countries France, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary.

You can manage those official reports completely in your SAP environment.

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e-Invoicing for Turkey

Turkey has developed it is e-Invoicing regulations by a few different methods.

For companies until a revenue it is mandatory to use real-time e-invoicing regulation.

With real-time elecktronic invoicing, as soon as invoices generated it can be sent to customer.

Turkey regulation has developed e-Archive invoicing. With this invocing you can keep and share invoices with the customer who does not using real-time e-invoicing.

e-Archive invoicing you don't have to print pre-generated invoices.

S4fn has e-invocing solutions for Turkey regulations within SAP environment.

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S4FN Add-Ons Enhancing SAP


Immediate Supply of Information

SAP SII Add-On is developed for Spain AEAT regulations. SII SAP add-on run inside SAP environment. Doesn't need any extra component.

SAP SII add-on can directly connect SAP to AEAT online system. But for security reasons we recommend to use S4FN connector ( S4C ). S4C can be placed at DMZ and creates an extra layer.

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SAP SAF-T Add-On Standard Audit File for Tax

SAP SAF-T Add-On enables SAP to create reports according to goverment regulations.

SAP SAF-T Add-On manages all phases of creating report inside SAP.

SAF-T SAP add-on extracts data creates xml all those steps managed inside SAP.

S4FN SAP SAF-T solution supports Norway, Lithania, France, Poland and Hungary.

You can manage all those countries with the SAP SAF-T add-on.

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Babs Report

SAP BA-BS Report creates BA-BS reports inside SAP

Taxpayers are obliged to submit for form Ba and form Bs reporting their monthly puchases and sales.

Form Ba; purchases over 5000₺ from one taxpayer.

Form Bs; sales over 5000₺ to one taxpayer.

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S4FN SAP e-Invoice

Electronic Invoice

SAP e-Invoice add-on enables real-time e-invoicing.

Electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) is the exchange of the invoice document between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format.

Invoice processing cost, Processing cycle time , Accounts payable labour, On-time payment percentage, On-time earning discounts, Supplier participation, Invoices received in electronic format.

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